I. Functional Statement

1.) Accept for registration all documents affecting the civil status of person.

2.) Enter immediately upon receipt all registrable documents in the appropriate civil register.

3.) Send the Provincial Statistics Office within the first ten (10) days of the month a duplicate copy of every document registered during the preceding month.  

4.) Issue to any interested party upon payment of the required fee a certified copy of registered or certified transcription of entries from the Civil Registrar.

5.) Index the registered documents to facilitate retrieval and verification of the same.

6.) Keep and maintain the archives, classify and bind all registrable documents in accordance with a uniform filing system which the Civil Registrar General may prescribed.

7.) Undertake educational campaign to inform the public of the duty to register vital events particularly Births, Deaths and Marriage.

8.) Plan and formulate ways and means of improving or increasing the level of registration within the area, and implement the same upon approval of the Civil Registrar General.

9.) Submit status report on the status of Civil Registry whenever there are changes of the previous status field.

10.) Issue Marriage License in accordance with Executive No. 229 as amended.

11.) Coordinate Local Government Officials and present the Civil Registrar Genera in any meetings, conferences, seminars or any other similar gathering on matters pertaining to civil registration.

12.) Perform other functions which the Civil Registrar General and or the Local Chief Executive may require from time to time in connection with civil registration.

II. Objectives

1.) To effectively and efficiently carry-out the function of the Office pursuant to the provision of Act 3753 and other pertinent Laws on Civil Registration.

2.) Ensure the safety and preservation of various registry books and other certificates and documents making up the Civil Register as per archival System mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991.

3.) To heightenthe awareness of the town’s people on the importance of Civil Registration through the conduct of massive information dissemination and Mobile Civil Registration in the Twenty Seven (27) barangays of Allacapan.

4.) Computerization of files and all registered vital events to facilitate retrieval.

5.) Coordinate with the National Statistics Office for the establishments of an accurate data on population by encouraging the general public to register unreported vital events.